Why Monochromatic is a Must.

May 18, 2021

Look, there is something undeniably sophisticated and effortless about a monochromatic outfit. It's one of the easiest ways to look super chic and put together. Not to mention, a well curated closet of monochromatic basics will save you both time and money. Shop within your chosen tones, colorblock your closet and then in the morning all you need to do it grab-and-go. Guaranteed shorter process than deciding your starbucks order.

Yet so many of us are scared of this trend- and I get it, you don't want to look like a crayola.  

But here's the deal, chances are you are already rocking the monochromatic trend in the form of an all black outfit and personally all black everything speaks to me because, duh, I'm an ex New Yorker. It's safe, put together, appropriate for all occasions and flattering on all bodies and skin tones (if you want my tips on all black everything you can take a look at my ask an expert interview for bayview village here)

But what's that I hear? You want to expand outside the world of all black outfits?

Well then keep reading hunny because I'm about to enlighten you. 

Choosing your colour. 

Think about what colours you are naturally drawn too and already have in your existing closet. This way you can build on what you already have! If you already have a closet filled with taupes and blushes it would make the most sense to build on that instead of shopping for a whole new closet. 

My advice would be to stick with colours that you are confident rocking. Personally I know that I would be uncomfortable in a full neon green getup and chances are I'd make the people around me uncomfortable too if I didn't already blind them.

I've chosen my colour.....but I still look like a crayola crayon

Okay- I get it this can be confusing. Mono means one so obviously it's an outfit of the same colour but that doesn't mean that we can't use different TONES of the same colour! Just think about how many tones of camel there are- the possibilities are seriously endless. 

I highly recommend mixing visibly different tones within the same outfit- and don't forget textures! This created depth and visual interest within an outfit. 

When there isn't enough variation within a monochromatic outfit it can lead to looking flat.

Lastly, if your feeling a bit lost:

Start with a suit or a set. It's undeniably fashionable and they're literally designed to be monochromatic. You really cannot go wrong (or at least it would take hard work to get it wrong). All you need to do then is find a matching pair of shoes and an underpinning and you're good to go! 

Below I've included some examples of full Vivian Shyu monochromatic outfits to get you inspired! 

See what I mean about the matching set? Designed to be monochromatic and in this case- cozy. You can shop our cozy sweater here and the cozy jogger here! 

A great example of a monochromatic outfit that uses vastly different textures- a knit on the top and linen palazzos  are paired with smooth resin jewelry and luxurious velvet mules. 

A full linen look keeps things cool, sophisticated and put together for the summer. A super relaxed look features our Linen Boyfriend Shirt tucked into our Tie Front Palazzo.

Remember- fashion is supposed to be fun and make you feel confident. Give the monochromatic trend a try, play with colours, textures and shapes and HAVE FUN. 

If you give it a try and want to show us or be featured, snap a pic and tag us @vivianshyu on the gram or Facebook 



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