Sweat Savvy

May 19, 2021

The late Karl Lagerfeld once said: 

"sweatpants are a sign of defeat. you lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants"

And I used to agree with him completely, famously stating on my many social media platforms that "sweats where a sign that you have given up on life." 

I firmly believed this. ...and then 2020 happened.  

Let's get real- 2020 and 2021 have been the YEAR for sweats and loungewear...for reasons I need not explain. Chances are you've probably worn sweats in the past 24 hours, are currently wearing sweats or at least thought about changing into them. 

While I started off rocking the same ripped coffee-and-sweat-stained joggers for the first few months of 2020, I began to realize that things wouldn't be changing for a while and I began to invest in some more stylish joggers and boyfriend sweats. Guaranteed you have too. So as we begin to emerge from this mess and leave the house-bound months of 2020 and 2021 behind us the question comes up: are we also leaving behind the sweatpants?


So how do we take our sweats from sofa to chic? Keep reading. 

Business on the top

Forgo the sweater or tank on the top and stye your sweats with something dressy or even a little sexy. A structured knit cardigan, a collared shirt or even a daring camisole can dress up a pair of sweatpants and make it look killer. 

Remember blazers? Pair your sweats with a silky cami and your favourite blazer. Then slip on clean white sneakers or heels depending on the occasion. 

Trench it up 

The easiest way to take any outfit from 0-10 is a fabulous coat. My personal favourite is to match a sweatsuit with a classic trench coat. 

You can also add some matching jewelry to up the UMPH factor. 

Bold n' Bright

If you're new to loungewear and looking to hop in on the street-worthy sweatsuit trend I suggest starting with in a well tailored pair of sweats. 

The Vivian Shyu Cozy Jogger and Cozy Cropped Sweatshirt  are a perfect place to start. Play it safe in all black or take a chance and go for one of the delicious colours. My personal favourite is the fuschia and am often seen running errands in the full set.

I like to match mine with a more fashionable pair of sneakers! My personal favourites are the Balanciaga Speed Racer or Addidas Stan Smiths. 

Cozy Sweat Suit Vivian Shyu

The Irina Shayk 

Leave it to the queen to come up with and absolutely kill this look. The supermodel was famously seen rocking a sweatsuit tucked into knee high stiletto boots, and although there were mixed feeling about it in the media- I am HERE FOR IT.  

I know it sounds weird but I highly recommend giving it a try with your sweats. Remember, it's just fashion, and if you don't like it- take it off! 


So now that you have the  Aysha Shyu guide on how to be "Sweat Savy" go ahead and give it a try! If you're feeling yourself make sure to snap a photo and tag us @vivianshyu 

Until next time, stay fabulous