Sustainability is the New Black

June 27, 2021

As I stepped into a leadership role at Vivian Shyu I was bursting at the seams with excitement. I could finally begin to work with my mother in collaboration- designing the collections, managing retail stores and bringing my fashion dreams to fruition.

However I also felt an extreme amount of nervousness as I entered this role. You see although I love fashion with my whole soul I was also becoming more and more aware of the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet.

In fact my beloved industry has had a disastrous impact, and it is the second largest polluter in the world. As an active member in the industry I believe that it is not just something we should be aware of- but a responsibility that we actively need to work towards changing.

Being sustainable in the fashion industry isn’t an option anymore, but a matter of survival.

At Vivian Shyu sustainable fashion is the hottest trend for Spring 2021. As we launch our new and improved e-commerce platform and introduce our line I’m excited to announce and promote the things we are doing at to minimize our ecological footprint.

So go ahead and make a bold statement with us: Sustainability is the new black.

Fashion and water pollution/consumption

20% of water pollution comes from textile treatment and dying. At Vivian Shyu we have choose to have our clothing manufactured and dyed in Italy (the EU) where there are very strict environmental regulations for manufacturers. We also create most of our collection from organic and natural fibres which do not require chemicals in their creation.

Additionally, in Spring/Summer 2021 we emphasized using fibres with low water consumption. In particular, linen is our top choice for since it can be grown in poor soil conditions with 60% less water than cotton production. The entire flax plant is used so nothing goes to waste. Onto of that- linen is extremely luxurious and chic, so you can look ah-mazing and feel good about it. 

Fashion and Microfibre Pollution

Every time we launder a synthetic garment, about 2,000 plastic microfibres are released into the water. Inevitably- those particles make it into our oceans, harming the ecosystem and killing many small aquatic animals. Since we are using high quality natural fibres in our collection we completely eliminate the release of microfibres into the ocean!

Making Investment Dressing Affordable

I could go on about the affects of Fast Fashion on the environment- but in essence the business model of cheaply producing “in the moment” items that are sold at a low price has wreaked havoc on the environment.

The concept of investment dressing is to steer away from fast fashion and invest in high quality and sustainable garments which can be worn for a lifetime as opposed to a season. However we know that this kind of shopping can be out of the question for many people and their budget. At Vivian Shyu we have worked tirelessly to bring our customers high quality, stylish and eco friendly fashions at an affordable price. Which leads me into my final and probably most important point.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration means that as a company we control our supply chain- by going straight to the source we are able to oversee all steps of the design and manufacturing process and eliminate many intermediaries. This way we can guarantee that our fashions are produced in a sustainable way. In eliminating all middle men we greatly reduce our ecological footprint, and lower the cost- passing the savings onto our customers.

I’m extremely proud of how we have come together as a company to put sustainability at the forefront of our designs. However as an industry there is still so much work that needs to be done. I firmly believe that if we all work together and make small changes that we can reduce our environmental impact.

As consumers you have the choice to support companies which have sustainability as apart of their mission.

As we continue to move forward I am excited to continue to work with others and innovate- making the fashion industry better for the planet and ourselves.

So until next time, stay fabulous!