Aysh à la Mode

June 27, 2021

Many of you probably know me as the tall girl behind the counter at Bayview, the district manager of Vivian Shyu, Vivian's daughter or maybe all three. 

However, I'd like to take a moment to formally introduce myself:

My name is Aysha and I'm now one of the creative directors at Vivian Shyu as well as the CEO of ASK Ecommerce- the website you are currently browsing.

I was lucky enough to be born into the industry that I love. When I say that I was brought up in the fashion industry, I literally mean that. My earliest childhood memories where of my mother cutting patterns on a drafting table, hiding and playing in the cutting room of our studio (which in hindsight was incredibly unsafe) and my parents dragging me all over the world to mills and fabric shows like Premiere Vision. Fashion was never something that was just a hobby or a job to me- it was second nature.  

Vivian Shyu Aysh a la Mode

I guess you can say that fashion is in my blood

As I've gained more experience in the industry, I started writing and doing interviews for other publications and podcasts. Often customers and people would come to ask me for tips on how to style an outfit or my opinion on trends and I'll be the first to admit that I have a lot of opinions. 

So welcome to Aysh à la Mode- a place on the internet where I can collect my thoughts and opinions and answer all your burning questions!

I look forward to writing and sharing with you all- so stay tuned for my thoughts on all things fashion.

And until next time, stay fabulous! 



Vivian Shyu Aysh a la Mode 

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by Matthew Wong on July 17, 2021

Stumbled upon your website after buying something for my mom couple years ago in-store. Really impressed with the website and fantastic photography. I own a law firm downtown and would be interest to talk sometime for your thoughts on marketing and your/ASK’s services.